Friday, August 16, 2013

Artist Interview | with Jeremy

The next interview is with Sound Engineer & Producer Jeremy Conlon of 
Left Of Elephant Sound

In the studio | Just Like Fashion session

I first crossed paths with Jeremy when he was working in a local record store, ordering cool records such as Three Imaginary Boys by The Cure & Blue Sunshine by The Glove. He was always really supportive of local bands and we ended up working together on Seesawtrace recordings. Most recently Jeremy has contributed his ear & engineering skills on the Stormset Just Like Fashion EP, a journey which began at his bushland studio (Berringa Vic) and then completed with mixdowns across the digital vortex between the new Left Of Elephant Sound studio (Darwin NT) & home. 

 Can you tell us how you started out in music and how you became a sound engineer?

I started by being exposed to great music early on, and great quality hi fi units, speakers, amps early on I had an understanding of what good music sounds like on a good system. I was lucky enough to work in record stores since I left school, got a head full of all kinds of music and genres, played in bands, The Violets, Cooperblack, became fascinated with the workings of a studio. I bought a simple set up, tascam porta 1  then the 244, did several courses in live mixing and music technology. I guess I just morphed into being a sound engineer, primarily by being a musician first.

What are you working on currently?

Currently working on Analechi, a new electro outfit with Lauren Day, very fun indeed, dirty electro stuff, producing some albums in the NT, Alice Springs and Darwin, meeting great musicians from all over Australia, very lucky.
 PC or Mac? 

Mac, because that's all i ever had access to...doesn't matter though, whatever tools you need to get the job done.

 Any advice for people who are starting out recording their own music?

Get the best gear you can about gear and how to set it up properly and look after much info out there


Listen, listen, read about people's process and inspiration, read some more, listen, do, make mistakes, make more mistakes, make fantastic mistakes, meet other musicians, don't be a hermit, be yourself and do it for you.

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