Thursday, September 26, 2013

CD or Vinyl?

There's always been something special about the experience of vinyl... searching out that elusive 12" Single, spending ages cleaning the dust as the record spins before dropping the needle, the warmth of the sound, the pop and crackle. The visual art is a huge part of it all too... 

It sounds like vinyl is becoming the new cool again with a recent increase in sales figures

Vinyal or CD - Which do you prefer?

What was the first record or CD or ever bought, what was it about the experience that made it special?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Purity Ring

Listening to these guys on high rotation everyday over the past week in the car... so refreshing!! 

Having gown up with a healthy Cocteau Twins obsession it's easy to draw some similarities with Purity Ring and their use of lyrics for the way they sound as much as for the visual imagery and stories their words create. It wasn't a suprise to then notice that Shrines is out on 4-AD, the same record label whose success was basically formed off the back of the Cocteau Twins music. It sounds like their live performances are visually dynamic as well with the use of lights and lanterns to merge with the sound. Can't wait to see them play one day.

Beautiful artwork too... you get more out of each listen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Order | Movement

"It seems peculiar now, but we just wrote from instinct. The less we thought (we thought?) about it and the less we analysed it, the more songs we wrote. It's like, if you haven't grasped it 100%, every time you write a track it's like the first time you've written a track... looking at it now, i guess what we were doing was writing from the subconscious." 

Bernard Sumner | New Order