Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cure | The Picture Tour - Film Clip Friday

The Cure: Primary | Countdown 1981 


This would'nt be a true StormSet blog without including my ultimate fav band The Cure - in particular circa 1981 'Faith' era.

My friend Mary saw them play live in the early days at the Arkaba Hotel. My ultimate dream gig would've been to see them play on the The Picture Tour (mind you I wouldn't have been old enough). Then I recently found out the Adelaide show of that tour had been canceled... So they never even made it to my home town, it was the 1980 tour my friend had seen - Ah the illusion is shattered. 

Still, you can't replace that with having actually met RS & given him my very own hand painted 'Faith' t-shirt as a present (2000 Blood Flowers Tour) Now that was the ultimate Cure adventure story.

PS. Still glad I never purchased that overpriced Picture Tour t-shirt off e-bay on the rebound after missing out on Vivid Live tickets to their trilogy show last year

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